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Adding Email Forwarders

While logged into the HuskiMail admin dashboard,


  1. Tap or hover over “Email Settings
  2. Select “Forwarders
  3. Select “Create Email Forwarder” button
  4. Enter the first part of the email you want to use for forwarding. For example, if you wanted to use “info@huskimail.com”, you would put “info”.
  5. While the “Add Destination” drop down menu is set to “Email“,¬†enter the full email you want to receive the forwarded mail. For example, if you wanted to use “info@huskimail.com” to forward mail to “me@huskimail.com” as the recipient, you would put “me@huskimail.com”.
  6. Select the “Create” button.

That’s it dawg!

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