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Browse our Marketplace to find vetted professionals that can do the things we can’t — like marketing, SEO, social media, patents, legal, book keeping, and more. If your business helps other businesses, you can join the marketplace, too! It’s free.

We are now taking applications for the Huski Marketplace.

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How Does It Work?
  1. Apply to list your business on our Marketplace.
  2. Interview with our Marketplace moderators.
  3. Receive approval notice after your application and notes from the interview are reviewed.
  4. Get found exclusively by fellow HostHuski customers.
  5. Receive message requests from potential clients.
  6. Just use our payment portal to receive invoice payments from your new client via your Stripe account.
Any Fees?

Just 4.9% + $0.30 fee for each transaction which is deducted automatically. This includes our platform fee for the service as included in the Marketplace Agreement you’ll sign.

Don’t worry. You pay no membership fees or any other out of pocket fees. And the only time the platform fee applies is when you’ve acquired a new paying client.