Relieve Headaches with WordPress Maintenance!

We can make sure to keep your site updated with WordPress core updates,plugin updates, and give you peace of mind with off-site backups on our isolated backup server in the cloud.

Plus, you get a detailed Maintenance Report every month straight to your email.

How We Do WordPress Maintenance


We can manually monitor your site for issues that could arise from updates, and then actually fix the problem.

Crash insurance.

If anything ever goes awry due to a plugin/theme/WordPress update, we will fix it for free. Available on all non-Lite plans.

Only for WordPress.

Maintenance plans are exclusively available for WordPress sites hosted on Host Huski servers.

Multiple Options to Fit Your Maintenance Needs


Minimum recommended coverage.


Theme* Updates

Made for WordPress


Performance & lite security.

Features from Shield Plan, and…

30-Day Backups History
$100 Fee For Virus Removal
Made for WordPress


Ultimate peace of mind.

Features from Bunker Plan, and…

30-Day Backup History
1 Developer Hour
Made for WordPress


Ultimate in security AND privacy optimization.

Features from Fortress Plan, and…

2 Developer Hours
Made for WordPress

Try our Lite Plan for $6/mo and get only email delivery optimization, and professional caching configuration.

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans Explained

Think of your Maintenance Plan as an insurance policy. If anything goes wrong, we fix it. No charge and no questions asked!



About the Shield Plan

Our Shield Plan offers minimal coverage needed to ensure basic requirements that can prevent a hack or vulnerability in your site. We will update your WordPress core, all of your plugins, and your theme if we have the ability to do so from the dashboard without uploading. We also create a backup of your website database off-site (not on our server) for added-peace of mind.

However, we won’t do any extras that help your site perform better, or mitigate spam. This means we will not optimize your database, images, or monitor and protect your comments from bots. If you do get hacked, we will have to charge a $200 fee for removing the infection.

About the Bunker Plan (Most Popular)

The Bunker Plan is just the right amount of coverage for an average website. We offer protection and optimization for your website. We’ll passively and actively optimize the images on your site and monitor your comments for spam while also working to filter out spam passively. If you do get hacked, it’s just $150.

About the Fortress Plan

The Fortress Plan is our highest coverage plan available. In addition to the features in Bunker and Shield plan, we also provide proactive security features like malware scanning, complimentary anti-viral treatment in case a hack does happen and a one-time GDPR audit to ensure you’re in line with the latest global privacy laws. 

Developer Hours

With select plans, you get developer time for your website needs each month (hours do not rollover). This ensures we can help you time-to-time with more advanced challenges that might require one of our experts to step into your WordPress dashboard to configure or fix something, or to write you some code to accomplish a task more efficiently.

These hours are not impacted when we maintain your site, and are only used when you request something outside of our maintenance scope for your plan.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

With select plans, you can know your site is being monitored at all times by our technicians. This allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of your website. If it doesn’t load, we are immediately alerted so we can investigate any issues that may have arisen.

Maintenance Features Breakdown



Core Updates

(Recommended) – We perform updates to the WordPress Core and active WordPress Themes as they become available for your site’s stability and security.



We remove/empty spam comments and do what we can to prevent more from showing up later. 

Plugin Updates

(Recommended) We update your active plugins and ensure no plugin conflicts occur which is very common when your site has a lot of plugins.



We optimize site for performance and page load. Does not include SEO.

Anti-Viral Security & Monitoring

We monitor your site 24/7 and optimize your website for security against hackers or bots and other malicious intruders. If for some reason your site becomes infected, we’ll remove the virus at no additional charge.

Site Database Backups

We backup your site database to our secured remote cloud server. Up to 4 backups are retained at any given time.

Full Website Backups

We’ll backup your entire website on our secured remote cloud server. Up to 4 backups are retained at any given time.

Backup Restoration

Something wrong? Pickup right where you left off before the issue occurred by restoring a backup of your site.


Here are some common questions about our maintenance plans.

Does maintenance include changes to pages or design?

Maintenance includes routine work required to ensure the security and reliability of the website’s systems. Updates to text, images, pages, or design elements is not included in maintenance by default, but can be performed for you using any available Developer Hours where applicable.

Can I upgrade and downgrade whenever I want?

We provide the flexibility of monthly billing for maintenance to ensure you aren’t stuck with something you don’t need. We request a minimum of 3 months on your current maintenance plan before downgrading to a different one. The upgrade/downgrade is effective the following month. Customers who abuse the upgrade and downgrade options (for example, trying to dodge fees or selectively activate specific features for one month sporadically) may be subject to having their maintenance entirely suspended.

Do you guarantee a specific Page Speed or Performance Rating?

While we do everything we can, on certain plans, to ensure your site is optimized and take many steps proactively and passively to accomplish this, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome due to other factors outside of our control.

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