Host Huski Pricing Reference

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Product1st MonthRenewalPrice Locked?
Samoyed Hosting$5/mo$5/moYes
Siberian Hosting$9/mo$9/moYes
Siberian(Pro-rata)? +$0.50$9/moYes
Malamute Hosting$15/mo$15/moYes
Lite Maintenance$6/mo$6/moNo
Shield Maintenance$29/mo$29/moNo
Bunker Maintenance$49/mo$49/moNo
Fortress Maintenance$89/mo$89/moNo
Domains (ex: .com)ANNUALANNUALNo*

*Our pricing for this product/service is based on pricing of our vendor(s) of which we cannot control. We will always do our best to provide the best pricing we can.

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