Here are some common questions about our Hosting.

How fast are your servers?

REALLY fast. We monitor performance metrics of the server daily to ensure every site is loading at peak performance. If there is ever a performance issue it is usually due to too many plugins or processes running. We will help you find what’s causing the issue so you can resolve it.

Do I ever have to upgrade to get a faster site or more resources?

Nope! You only upgrade to get more space or more domains to be hosted in your plan. All plans run the same speed.

How will I be billed for my hosting?

We will charge your card automatically every month. No manual payments required.

Do you offer/register domains?

Yes! You can register your domain when you buy hosting (or separately). We offer .com for only $12/yr. Other domain pricing may vary. You can see our domain pricing when you search for one. We try very hard to keep our domain prices low. If you aren’t seeing the domain type you want, contact us!

Are you just a reseller for someone else's hosting?

Nope! WE are your host. We provision a virtual dedicated server on the cloud in a datacenter out of New Jersey. The datacenter is providing the hardware but we provide everything else! That includes software, firewalls, security, etc. We created our hosting company originally as a reseller. But it just wasn’t right for us or our clients. That’s why we did our own thing. To ensure top quality and control. So, nope! We are not a hosting reseller.

Does HostHuski have an affiliate program that makes money off of people recommending them to me?

Nope! HostHuski allows people to become a Partner and resell hosting at wholesale rates. This way, you host with us by trusting another company you already know, and not some random blog post from a Google Search.

Does HostHuski advertise low prices and increase cost later?

Actually we do the opposite. The second and third and fourth (and so on) month is 50c cheaper than the first month. We even guarantee our prices won’t go up for specifically marked products. Ever. Period. Guaranteed.

What is the 50 cent fee for?

Our credit card processor has a minimum charge that is not met when you buy a new account pro-rata a certain amount of days before the next billing cycle.

This fee is charged ONCE per account and will not be repeated on renewal. It is just to ensure there are no hiccups in processing your order. If we charged more for hosting this wouldn’t be an issue. But we figured instead of charging you more per month, you could pay a small amount on your first order to ensure it goes through painlessly the first time you submit it.

Does HostHuski secure their servers so I won’t get hacked?

Yes! HostHuski works really hard to keep everything safe but being careless with WordPress updates or using easy passwords isn’t something we can force you not to do. However we try to *educate* you on how to keep things safe.

What does HostHuski technical support cover?

We are happy to assist you with technical issues related to DNS settings, server up-time issues, website transfers and more. We will not be able to assist you with questions about WordPress or other more advanced topics unless you are a SmallDot Client.