5 Free Ways to Find Web Design Clients For 2024

Dec 5, 2023 | Web Design

Ahh…the life of a web designer can be a cruel mistress.

Moments of exhilaration for a job well received are shortly followed by instances of sheer terror at where the next one is coming from.

For those unfamiliar with the world of creative pursuits, this roller coaster of emotion sounds like torture, right?

So, why do it?

That’s simple.

Because you love it and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Ready to chase it again?

Let’s go, my lone wolf friends. On to the next meal…I mean target…I mean the unwavering and dedicated pursuit of the next client.

But where… and how?

1. Keep Your Friends and Family Close

Sometimes new clients come from the most extraordinary of places. Word of mouth or a genuine need for a web designer that fits the bill can be the break you’ve been looking for.

You probably never would have thought your Aunt Jemima would be the source of your next design job, but it seems that online vegetable growing lessons have led her to the point where she’s throwing around cash like it’s queso on Taco Tuesday.

Anyway…I digress.

What about your old high school sweetheart with a penchant for muscle cars and old parts?

Sure, the wife may give you the side eye, but hey, that will be temporary once the job is finalized…and they recommend you to a friend of theirs.

In a similar fashion, Facebook groups and other social media platforms can also be valuable sources of work. Online communities offer a vast range of people with different backgrounds and connections.

The point here is that the people you know also have people, and they know other people.

You don’t know until you know. You know?

2. Seek The Job Boards

Industry specific job boards can be a great way to find new clients.

As a web designer, you may wish to stay away from the bid-happy sites where you’re up against many and where the lowest bidder usually secures the work. These can be a little time-wasting, not to mention frustrating but if that’s your jam, go for it.

Consider how you spend your precious job search time. Try the job boards that offer something a little more like Media Bistro, Smashing’s, and Indeed. They tend to be more specific in their job descriptions, and you won’t have to downgrade your rates or sell your soul.

Always a good thing.

For the remote worker in all of us choose specific sites that tend to weed out the ones that aren’t an option for your personal circumstances and location.

Remote OK and We Work Remotely can be two to look at often. Remember sometimes a short-term remote job can lead to something more permanent.

Remember, they are looking for you too.

Subscribe and sign up to obtain alerts where you can. This will have the site working for you when time is a factor.

3. The Fine Art of Networking for Web Designers

Introverts look away, but only for a second.

While putting yourself out there can be last on the priority list, there’s no denying it is a great way to position yourself in the face of like-minded people.

What’s the point?

Building connections with others, yes even strangers, can be of huge benefit to both parties.

Check out any free networking events in your area. They can be a regular event formed by a local business group, a city’s Chamber of Commerce, or an individual looking to expand their horizons and make new connections.

Just like you.

So put your brave pants on and sign up.

Look at it like every occasion is an opportunity, and as we all know opportunity has a way of creating more opportunity.

If you want to make ‘em smile, maybe wear a t-shirt saying.

“Please Don’t Tap on the Glass. Web Designers at Work.”

4. Classified Secrets

In these days of social media, searching the classifieds may seem to be an old-school way of finding work, but it may surprise you to know that places like Craigslist and other classified formats can be an excellent source of web design clients. Check in the Services or Jobs list sections.

Facebook, LinkedIn and other online job boards can be genuine and ongoing sources for freelance or contracted web design clients.

Also, don’t count yourself out just because the work may be in another city. There’s always a solution if you are seen to be a great fit and show commitment to the job. These days remote work is a part of the new normal.

The obvious still needs to be stated here. Always be careful when pursuing these kinds of avenues. Keep yourself safe and consider whether the work is legitimate and not some ploy for the unscrupulous.

Just saying.

5. Keep Those Positive Vibes

All avenues to finding new clients are valid and important to pursue on a consistent basis, but there is another point worthy of a mention that is often overlooked in the pursuit of all things great.

Making positivity an agenda item.

It is said that confidence draws people. Certainly, doing great work and gaining praise from clients will help with that, but sometimes it’s our internal dialogue that needs attention.

Visualization of success has a worthwhile benefit in all areas of life, but for those in business, it’s the ways in which we keep on keepin’ on that makes all the difference.

The power of positive thinking can be just as important as any other tool you have to find new clients and keep your web design business on the right side of up.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing.

Does success breed success?

There’s only one way to find out.

Hopefully, this has inspired or at least started a new thought process on how to search for more web design clients in 2024.

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode on the topic of now you’ve got the clients; here’s how you win them over.

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