4 Ways A Website Can Help with Customer Retention

Jan 26, 2023 | Customers, Tips, Web Design

Ahhh, customers. They can be fickle creatures. Loving us one minute and the next telling us of the need to spread their wings and try someplace else.

Don’t worry. It’s not you. It’s them.

Or is it?

Maybe your website needs a good talking to.

How can a website help retain customers?

There is so much more to it than good looks on the surface. Let’s look a little deeper and maybe find a way to keep those customers for good.

What is Customer Retention

A complex melting pot of emotion, loyalty and head-turning competitor interest all combine to keep those buyers making decisions on whether to come back, or not Measured over time, customer retention is an indicator of success and can change the way you look at your marketing plan, and indeed your business plan as a whole.

Why we need it is probably a better question. Obviously retaining patronage is key for a business’s survival and being a bit savvier on how to do it is high on the priority list. Business has realized that profitable customer retention equals using what they have and bettering it… in every way possible.

After all, it’s a jungle out there. So, what can you do today?

Your website can work for you…. if you let it.

First Impressions Count

There is no better chance to create an impression than with a first online purchase. Most customers will remember it, and more importantly, they’ll tell their friends.

Make sure they remember you by keeping that customer service at a high level. Even when browsing, this simple thing will have visitors coming back. Ease of purchase, product availability, and making good on promises all seem easy but can prove challenging as things get busier.

Some companies do this well, but unfortunately, buyers only remember problems.

Ensure your site makes things easier for every visitor.

Create a direct message protocol. Including a helpful Chatbot and unintrusive email marketing with your company’s personality will also keep interest.

Oh, and remember. Don’t drop the ball after solving a customer issue. You will be punished by alienating that customer or worse: a bad review

Just saying.

Feedback is Your Friend

Don’t get scared now. Feedback can be your savior. Allowing customers to have their say shows that a business is happy to get things right, or to fix any issues that may be left of center.

It also creates brand trust.

Whether you chose a professional Net Promotor Score method or a simply “How are we Doing?” survey, the insight is invaluable.

Think of it as continuous improvement. You can’t improve if you don’t know what’s wrong.

The head-in-the-sand method of customer service is a thing of the past. And it should never have been an option in the first place.

How’s Your Communication?

Having a way to communicate new products, official launches, special events or simply to say “Hi, we’ve missed you”, will keep any customer engaged for longer.

The design of a site can be just as important as what you’re selling. Making things device friendly will at least have potential customers a chance to look at all your pages without leaving in disgust, and imagery can transform them to visualizing owning the product.

Newsletters and blogs on a website give people something to read through while they are adding products to their cart and offer insight into the kinds of things you want customers to know.

Be creative in your messaging and content, again matching the personality of your business.

A smile or belly laugh might just lighten someone’s day…and open their wallet.

So, what else can make a difference? There is one thing that gets overlooked on the way to keeping customer relationships at their peak.

Lots of ideas are worth trying out and some will make the team, but some provide that “a-ha” moment better than others.

Consider this next part food for thought, and, unlike an overcooked steak, this won’t need to be smothered in two inches of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce to make it appealing.

Website Hosting – Your Priceless, Silent Partner

With the help of great partnerships your website can not only help forge new customer relationships but also help you keep them, too.

I bet you just said, “What in the world does web hosting have to do with customer retention?”

I’m glad you asked.

Your web host can play a big role in your customer retention just by doing what they do best.

You just have to know what to look for.

  • The Best Advice

Small or large, any business requires the best advice on how to move forward. Experienced and knowledgeable. This shouldn’t be their first rodeo.

  • Optimized Everything

You need your site to be at its best, every day, not just occasionally. Your web host will give you the understanding of what is required to make sure everything is as it should be, and they will keep eyes on what is happening.

  • Support When You Need it

Everyone needs a little guidance sometimes, and your web host understands that this may not be your forte. A good web hosting company will let you do what you do best and sort out anything that may come along.


Your website is not just a pretty face. Done right it will have your customers returning again and again.

Use it to its best advantage and ongoing the rewards will be clear.

Does yours offer everything you need?

Need assistance with your website? We can have it looking its best with a few tips and tricks. Be ready to retain your customers for longer and create advocates for your brand. Contact us today.

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