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HostHuski Will Migrate Your Sites For You!

We'll take care of all the tricky tech stuff. Here's the steps we take...

Migration Tracker

See migration progress online in real time on our handy migration tracker.


Migration Form

You fill out our migration request form so we can access your site for migration.

Site Backup

We'll download a copy of your site and will launch it on our servers. All without any downtime.

Site Testing

Once we know your site is in working order on our servers, final changes to the domain pointing can be made.


Domain Pointing

We point your domain to our servers (DNS) and your site is live! Or we can help you do it.

Note: HostHuski will only migrate your website. You'll keep your your email service and domain name(s) where they are.

Migration Request Form

Website Migration Form
This will help speed things up for experts. All warnings will be disabled.
For best results, use your HostHuski account email. Please ensure this is valid or delays may occur in your website migration.

Note: Password Verification

Please note: When providing passwords, please ensure you test these passwords before submitting this form to verify that they will work. This will save you and us time and will make your onboard experience smoother.

Information provided in this form is secure and will not be shared with third parties and will only be used to provide the services you have requested directly from us.

Your Domain

Your domain is the ".com" you use to navigate to your website.

Advanced note: Unless we are otherwise unable to and must use NS, we will point your A record to our server. We will not change any other records in your domain for this migration unless we are asked.
What is the domain you are using?
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Note: Domain's Email

If you use email with this domain, and you are going to change the DNS yourself, please ensure you do NOT change the Nameservers or your email will get disconnected. Instead, change the A record like so:


Where did you buy your domain from? Please put the website address of where you bought your domain (like, etc)

Do you use GoDaddy?

If you use GoDaddy for your domain, you might find it easier to provide access to your account using their Delegate Access feature. If you would like to do this instead of entering your credentials directly, you can share access to and our team will be able to take it from there! Ready to delegate access to your account? Click here to learn how...

Delegate access, instead?
Note: While this can potentially save time and eliminate the issue of two-factor authentication, if there are any issues with the access delegation, this may cause a minor delay with your migration.
What is your domain username? What username or customer ID do you use to log into the provider you purchased your domain from?
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Previous Hosting

We will only use this information if we are unable to log in to the WordPress site directly.

Is the site we are moving already on Host Huski? *
Where did you originally buy your hosting? Please put the website address of where you bought your domain (like, etc)
What is your hosting username? What is the username for the provider you originally purchased website hosting from? This provider may be the same as your domain provider.
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Old Website Login

We'll use this information first to access and back up your website for migration.

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OPTIONAL. Please enter the NEW web address of this website that it will have once successfully migrated. This is needed for migrations when the web address may change from one domain to another, or from a staging site to a live site.
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How do we login to this WordPress site? Sometimes your login URL may be different than "wp-admin" for security.
You can enter the full login URL for your WordPress website here if it is different than normal.
What is your website admin username or email? This is the username you enter to login to your website to manage pages and posts. Ex:
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We, HostHuski, will not perform any other task on your website without your prior, written approval except for creating a backup and downloading that backup. Backing up a website does not update, revise, or modify any code, file, or plugin/theme on the website. It is for this reason that any issues that may arise with your website coincidentally after we have backed up the website are in no way directly or indirectly associated with our access to it or the migration process. We, therefore, will NOT be liable for anything that happens to your website from the moment you submit this form. You are allowing the migration process to continue at your own risk. Also note that if you need help with an issue related to the website migration, we will be able to assist you with the version of your website that is on our server, only. We have to ask you to agree to these terms in case improper security or care of your website on another host results in damages that could be misconstrued as our fault. We will never do anything to knowingly hurt your website and we will not consider a migration finished until you are satisfied with the copy of the previous site. Some data loss may occur because a backup may be taken before changes and updates are made by you or your other users. This is normal and can be avoided by putting the site into a maintenance mode which prevents changes being made by your users during migration process. When we deem it necessary, we will put the site into maintenance mode as soon as we begin the backup, unless you specifically instruct us not to do so. Please check the box below that you agree and understand that you will not hold us liable for anything that may happen with your website after we've performed the migration. We provide this service free of charge and are excited for you to join us.

You also warrant that you have the necessary rights and permissions from the registered owner(s) of the domain, website, and previous hosting, to possess, transmit, and share the information provided in this form, and do so at your own risk and will not hold HostHuski, nor its employees, partners, affiliates, nor other associated parties, liable for the information you are about to transmit.

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2FA *
What is 2FA? *Two-Factor Authentication (or, "2FA") is a security feature found on many online account providers such as financial institutions and platform identity providers like Apple ID, Facebook, Google, etc. It sends an email or a text message with a temporary code to the account holder. This code expires within minutes and is used to ensure the same person logging into the account, is the same person who owns it. If this feature is not temporarily disabled, we will not be able to login to the account to perform the DNS changes requested. This will result in the migration being put on hold until 2FA is disabled, or you notify us that you'll take care of the DNS changes.