Stay True to Your Values

HostHuski was created with freedom in mind. We support creators of all backgrounds and beliefs, even when they differ from ours.

  • 100% USA Servers
  • We don't "cancel" anyone.
  • 100% Independent from Big Tech

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Freedom for businesses everywhere.

We won't "cancel" anyone.

Your site is safe with us. We support your constitutional rights to free speech.

You’ll also be in good company. While we do not discriminate against people based on their beliefs, we do not allow certain types of websites on our platform (like pornography, for example).

100% USA Server Infrastructure

While we host for customers globally, our cloud platform is located in the United States and is currently based in Texas. HostHuski is owned and operated from our corporate office in Utah.

Fast & secure hosting that’s out of Big Tech’s reach.

Our hosting infrastructure operates from independent data centers that are not controlled by Google or Amazon. We intend to keep it that way.

Safe & Private

We are wholly committed to your cyber safety and privacy. We use state of the art technology to reduce the vulnerability of your websites, and to block bad actors.

We don’t sell your information and we provide free SSL (forever) to protect your customers’ information too.

Our Values


Our prices don’t come with asterisks and footnotes and our fine print isn’t hidden where you can’t find it.


We are the experts that you depend on. We take this seriously and personally. Our hosting uptime guarantee is one of the highest in the industry: 99.99%.


You aren’t just a customer to us; you’re family. We treat you how we would want to be treated and we do everything with care and your success in mind.


We don’t offer something unless we use it ourselves and stand by it. If it doesn’t meet our standards, it doesn’t go to our customers.


We are always finding better and smarter ways of doing things and passing these benefits on to you through our products and services, always at a competitive price.


In an age of AI, it is easy to forget the value of the human touch. While we do what we can to give you quick answers passively, we will always give you access to a live person when you need them.

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