Setup a Privacy Policy for your business

Now that you’ve gained access to your policy license on Termageddon, you can begin your setup process by clicking “Continue Setup”

This will take you to a screen with the heading “Global License Information.”

Fill out the options as best as you can but completely.

Then click “Save.”

Click the “Add Policy +” box and select “Privacy Policy.” You’ll notice you have the ability to create more than a Privacy Policy.

Wait while the questionnaire loads. Then fill it out as best as you can. If you are unsure or get stuck, you can click the “?” circle on some questions which will open a help article on Termageddon about the question you are trying to answer.

There are multiple pages of questions. Advance to the next page of questions by clicking “Next” button at the bottom of the screen. Fill the questions, page by page, as best as you can and then when finished, click “Submit”.

Once you’ve finished your Privacy Policy setup, you’ll be ready to retrieve the code to put into your website.