4 Reasons Non-profits Need Reliable Utah Web Hosting Solutions

Jan 3, 2022 | Hosting

So, you’ve been told you don’t need a Utah web hosting solution for your non-profit?

You’ve probably been told lots of other things too, right? Santa wears army boots. Twister is a kid’s game. Did you listen?


So don’t now.

Non-profits have lots of reasons why the use of reliable Utah web hosting is a great idea.

The key? The right web hosting. They will understand that you need to concentrate on your organization and let a great web hosting company do the rest, with the best possible features.

 So, what are the reasons to be cheerful? (aside from Twister)

Tell Your Story

Having excellent web hosting allows non-profits to get to the heart of who they are without distractions from technical issues

Your well-run site can put an emphasis on your efforts which in turn will respond with more attention, more support from a wider audience, and more focus on your goals.

It inspires and encourages showing off your staff, background and origins, mission, and current partnerships.

Tell your story and get noticed. Increase your impetus and attract more interest. You too can move from local to global with the right people behind you.

Empowerment is the new black.

You Do You

Web hosting solutions are becoming more essential than ever to non-profits for the simple reason that sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. No longer can the organizer be all things to all people, all the time.

But it does mean doing one thing. Cutting the cord.

Hey, it’s hard to let go.

You’re not the first to think if you want something done properly, you’ve got to do it yourself, right? We’ve all been there. Now there’s something better.

Once the idea of partnering sinks in, you’ll find having a dedicated hosting team actually helps free up your time, and optimize your influence.

Most non-profits have little to no IT support services on hand. For any business, that’s the equivalent of holding an umbrella in a hurricane.

It’s time to make better things happen.

So, Give yourself a break.

Allowing yourself to focus on what you do best will be your greatest accomplishment. Let a skilled and responsible web host take care of your website so you don’t have to.

Play it Up Not Down

Some see being non-profit as an excuse to dumb things down. Recognizable and commanding online presence is no longer reserved just for the big end of town of retailers. In fact, it is now even more important for those in non-profit sectors. That’s why you need a host that is dedicated to keeping your site online, no matter what.

Being humble and grateful for donations, and increased visibility is admirable but your in-the-background services should be able to take you higher. A web hosting solution that is reliable and understands you can only take you further.

You may be unpretentious in your visions, but you’ll be mighty in your Utah web hosting power. There’s no need to be any less.

So, if you think all the massive e-Commerce sites of the world are taking all the red M&Ms, now’s the time to take ‘em back. Don’t forget the brown ones. They are the best, after all. (You know I’m right, don’t fight it)

More is More

Apart from the points already mentioned about more visibility and support, a great web hosting solution offers some things many may not have considered. The advantage of leaving things to the experts. 

  •  No More Missed Donations

Some things will drive you as a non-profit. This is one of them. One platform for your hosting needs. Effective and reliable uptime so you never have a crashed site that cannot be accessed by those who want to donate.

  • WordPress Bliss

Need WordPress built-in?

A correctly optimized site allows you to share content, become relatable and create a ‘realness’ you may be missing. Communication is key for visibility and stronger support.

WordPress hosting should be easy with WordPress plans that are a one-click installation and a no-brainer.

  •  No more Downtime

If they can’t reach you, they can’t support you. Pretty simple. You need a web host that cares about your site and is dedicated to its uptime.

  •  Worry-Free Technical Assistance and Expert advice

Not technical? Most non-profit businesses aren’t, but having someone on your side to help with any issues, and advise you in terms you will understand is like finding gold. If you’ve experienced the other side of that, you’ll understand. Spend less time on the phone with support and more time growing your organization.

  •   UX

Two little letters that make a world of difference to those trying to find you. The user experience is just as important as any other effort you may do as a non-profit. Mobile and desktop friendly. But speed. Speed is so crucial to user experience. If your site doesn’t load fast enough, people will not sit around and wait for it to load. Speed is key.


Every time.

 A great site, flowing effortlessly is a joy to your potential patrons.

Let’s face it. Non-profits have better things to do than spending days on things they don’t want or need to. So, if creating the best mimosa in the world sounds like your new calling, go for it. Because with a web hosting company that cares about you, will also save you time.

The point is, you now have the opportunity to leave it to the experts.

What you will become is a fearless non-profit with the strength of the big boys, but smarter.

And the result? Looks like there’s a new kid in town.

Need help with your non-profit hosting?

Let us take what you have to offer and enhance it, so you can focus on what you do best.

Contact us for a discussion on your needs, and our ready-to-go solutions. We’ll be behind you with every step you take.

And, for a limited time, Non-Profits who sign up with HostHuski as a new customer and verify their 501(c)(3) status get $1 off their hosting, permanently. Just a little thank you for what you do.

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