4 Tips for Driving Website Traffic with Social Media

Apr 7, 2022 | Tips

Psst. Need more website traffic?

Traffic equals interest in your site, and while you may have seen some success but want to ramp it up, there are some ways to go above and beyond what you have already achieved.

How traffic gets to your site is sometimes just as important as arriving.

Enter Social media.

If variety is the spice of life, increasing your website traffic through social media could prove to be a pivotal point in your website’s vitality.

The cherry on the top.

Let’s look at some ways to get to that pinnacle.

Expand Your Tools and Platforms

Social media would be the most obvious way to drive website traffic, and for good reason. It has become a constant in our lives as individuals and for business, a valuable tool for interaction, and buying practice.

Ensuring social media is used to your advantage is high on the list of marketing strategies.

So how does a business get more social media devotees to increase their website traffic?

Expand your presence on all platforms Leaving out one equates to the probability of missing out on that potential traffic.

Having your eggs in more than one basket can only help with reaching more targets.

Do you have any tools on your socials that your audience may use or share? Sizing charts for clothing and footwear companies, calendars for upcoming events, or even a calculator for everyday use can all be useful.

What you’re doing is solving a problem, while adding value to the lives of your connections.

Ramp It up with WordPress and Content for Social Media

Beautiful blogs attract, but beauty is not just skin deep.

Sharing posts, newsletters, events, and points of interest about your company is one of the best things you can do, but first you have to make the content matter.

There are a few tricks to keeping your site’s content and newsletters fresh and relevant.

  • Write great headlines, and don’t forget to write on things that may get potential customers to visit your site.
  •  Keep your eye on trending subjects and people who have something to say on topics you happen to agree with.
  • Taking notice of what your competitors are doing in terms of content will only assist in cementing some future ideas and gaining intel on what works on social media.
  •  Good Headlines turn heads. They can induce emotion, excitement and a tool for any website, FOMO (fear of missing out). Use it to your advantage.

Be Seen and Heard

If you fancy yourself as somewhat of a frontman (or woman) there are a few social media avenues where you can get your name up in lights.

In terms of your business and driving more website traffic, putting yourself in the spotlight can help immensely.

Having links on your social media to your and any guest podcasts or videos you are involved in can generate more interest than regular everyday postings.


Podcasts and videos are a way of bringing the conversation around various subjects into the light. From controversial to general life situations, multimedia offerings have shown businesses they can interact with people on a whole different level.

These two methods create trust. Trust in you. Trust in your brand is important, but are some of the best marketing

So, if being in front of a camera or microphone sounds like something you’d be comfortable with, go for it.

Podcasts alone have become one of the hottest marketing channels in the world today.

Partner With Other Brands


Relax, this is not about fraternizing with the enemy, it’s more about collaboration.

There are plenty of brands that are not interested in competing with you, but where a partnership may be of mutual benefit.

Your strategic partners may have a dedicated social media following who would not have otherwise known about you without this newly formed relationship.

Cross promoting can assist greatly with driving website traffic because of one simple thing. More people equal more potential.

Remember to analyze your efforts, it can give you a great insight into how things are working. From this, you can begin to scale back on some things and enhance others.

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