6 Questions to Ask a Utah Web Hosting Partner Before You Get Started

Dec 28, 2021 | Hosting, Tips

Choosing the right company for your Utah web hosting can be daunting. Yes, there’s a lot to consider, but at the end of the day having the right partner behind you makes life a lot easier.

The trick is to know what you want or at least be armed with a few questions to help with the main points of concern.

From there you have the information to make the right decision for your business.

Having the best for your business shouldn’t mean headaches.

Let’s look at some questions to ask to get you started.

Hold onto your websites everyone, this won’t hurt a bit.

1. Do You Offer a Range of Hosting?

Each business will have its own web hosting requirements and it is good to be aware of what’s available.

Are there options if my business needs change? It may be important to know if scaling up is an option if your needs grow, or maybe you wish to scale things back.

No one wants to keep changing hosting providers so having some flexibility will remove that concern.

If you use WordPress, can your Utah web hosting company help with that aspect, and more importantly is it included.

Want something different? Maybe the web host has hidden specialties they bring out only when the kids have gone to bed. Some web hosts are continuously working on new services for their clients that may benefit your needs in the future. It doesn’t hurt to ask the question.

2. Talk to Me About Your Security Policies

Security is not a dirty word, but a necessary mindset essential for any business with an online presence. Your hosting company should be happy to answer any questions on this topic.

Topics like how malware and viruses are handled and what the policies are.  Your Utah web hosting company should be providing information on their security processes, confirm a Share Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, and freely discuss what their policy is in terms of any losses.

Your sensitive data needs should always be protected.

3. What Support Can I Expect?

Support is everything in the tech world. Without it, we can feel lost, and for those not technically minded it is actually the first thing on their mind.

Specifically, ask how their tech support and customer service services operate. Is a 24/7 service provided? What about holidays?  Can you easily make contact anytime by phone, email, or do they just use a chat-bot?

Response time is important too. An average of 2 hours or 2 days. Good to know.

A level of comfort is what you’re looking for, Next comes the expertise, experience, and customer service skills to put their money where their mouth is.

You’ll probably learn a few things along the way.

4. How Do You Deal with Problems?

All businesses will want reliable web hosting services. It actually tops the list of must-haves.

Kind of like a guaranteed 15-minute steaming hot pizza delivery.

These are the days of instant gratification!

Seriously though, specifically talk about downtime and backup policies. Business continuity is crucial for a business with an e-commerce component. Gauge an average of the host’s downtime and what has been faced in the past.

Ask what kind of backup is there and how often. Should the worst happen, how is disaster recovery handled?

5. Yours Mine and Ours

For some people, sharing has never been their strongest trait. Candy and Lego aside, many businesses need to know how many clients are on each server. The numbers could have an effect on site responsiveness, and speed. If this is important to you, ask.

Discuss who takes responsibility for what? As an example, if an outage were to occur, when does your web host hold responsibility and when is it on you.

Some things are beyond anyone’s control, so it’s best to know where you stand.

6. Will it Hurt?

Seems like a funny question but for the inexperienced, it’s a valid one and is actually best friends with the support systems in place.

You likely don’t mean hurt as in stubbing your toe (again) on those pavers you meant to fix five years ago. What we are talking about here is a different kind of pain.

Painful is having to deal with a hosting partner that doesn’t really get your business and what you are trying to achieve, or have set up processes that are too hard and convoluted for someone not familiar with the world of web hosting. This kind of pain won’t exist with the right connection.

Knowing the goals you hope to achieve is crucial for your Utah web hosting company, and being completely aware of what they offer is the part you will play in return.

Hand in hand. Awwwwww.

While this covers some of the basics, occasionally important questions elude you, when invested in an initial conversation.

Sometimes our brains don’t function with our memory in the way we’d hope, in fact, they are known to refuse to play nice, at all.

Consider it like being strategically placed at different wedding tables by nervous relatives so as you both aren’t tempted to make a scene.

The point? Write your questions down when they come to mind. Your brain may never allow you to think of them again.

You can thank me later.

Expect the best. Get the best. Talk to us for all your Utah web hosting needs.

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