Why You Should Work On Your Website During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Apr 4, 2020 | Tips, Web Design

coronavirusCoronavirus Safety

As the novel coronavirus spreads across the country, people are staying home.  Nobody wants to go out, and you can’t really blame them. After all, that’s what the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines recommend.  We’re all trying to stay safe and healthy while this goes around and here at HostHuski, we definitely advise you to do the same.

But the coronavirus doesn’t stop you from using a computer – even if you are sanitizing the keyboard while doing so.  And since everybody else is using the internet more during these months, now might be the best time to build or upgrade your company’s website.


Why Now?

work on your website during coronavirus1. You Can Work On It From Home

We’re all staying home and social distancing ourselves to stay healthy, which is disrupting a lot of work for people.  You don’t have to go anywhere to work on your website, though. As long as you have an internet connection, you can do website work from anywhere.  You can keep working even during the outbreak without breaking the social distancing guidelines. If there’s anything you’ve needed to do for your website, but have been too busy to get to it, now’s the time.

2. Online Sales Can Help Bolster Your Business During The Outbreak

Many businesses are seeing their sales fall behind during the outbreak,  and there’s nothing to really do about that.  People just won’t be going to brick and mortar businesses for a while.  Even after the pandemic has reached its peak, people are going to be wary of going out until they’re sure the danger’s passed.  That doesn’t stop people from needing things, though. People are likely to turn to online sales to avoid crowded stores. If you want to make enough money to keep afloat during this outbreak, it might be a good idea to give people those options.  If people can buy from your store and have it delivered to their front door, they’re going to prefer that to going to a place where people might be gathered.

3. Now Is The Time To Get Ahead

If you’re following CDC guidelines, you’re probably not going to work right now anyway.  You might have even closed your business entirely, just to be safe. Since you’re spending so much time at home, you might as well spend it doing some investing in your company’s future.  With HostHuski, you can get set up with an affordable web hosting package that includes the Divi tools to build and manage your website.  If you’ve already got a website, our web hosting packages can still save you money on hosting costs. If you need some assistance, we’re here to help. Help is just a quick chat, or tutorial away.

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