Should You Buy All Variations of Your Domain Name

Mar 11, 2022 | FAQ, Tips

Your business, your brand, and an accessible, user-friendly website is the chance to connect with potential customers through an online presence. Buying domain names is an extension of that and can represent your website in the best ways possible.

What about domain name variations? Are you thinking of what else might be available?

The Benefits of Having Varied Domain Names

Every business is different. Different goals, different audiences, and different paths to success, so it makes sense that you want to make your reach as individual as you are.

Strategic advantages come in different forms and wear different masks. Here are some of the more common reasons people decide to acquire more than one domain name.

Protection From Competitors

If you have a lot of competition, then there will no doubt be ones who will be handed an opportunity to erode some of your success. Having more than one domain name removes the error rate for an audience’s confusion, thinking they have the right website when in fact the domain name leads to your competitor. Whether intentional or not your valuable business can be poached.

Buying Domain Names For Advertising, Sales and Marketing

Did you know that having another domain name can help with your ad campaigns? Using alternative domain names can help you target specifically which traffic comes to you and where from.

You may be targeting a new world of global sales. Having a specific country’s extension can instill trust in overseas buyers. They all come to you, but you can pinpoint how effective your reach has been.

Promotions can be targeted with a faster and more effective gauge on who shows interest in your global journey.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Domain names are very important for potential customers in terms of user-friendliness.

Misspelling domain names is quite common. Businesses go as far as to ensure less audience confusion by not being direct to your site due to spelling the name incorrectly. Remember, not all traffic comes to you by a targeted link or promotional ad. Many people are told of your website over the phone or see it on a billboard and try to remember it.

These are the main reasons for common misspellings.

If your business suffers from frequent errors in direction, it may mean thinking more seriously about the solutions we offer.

Domain Name SEO

If your goal is to occupy more of the search engine ranking space you may be looking to change up the way you think about your domain names and their extensions.


Multiple brand companies often look at this strategy to secure the search engine audience with a view to reducing competitor action.

Keyword strategies for each site, whether they are different, or just differ by country extension, may bring the SEO-driven results which make your digital marketing department smile.

Why do People Choose Variations of Domain Names?

Building your brand and increasing your online presence requires one thing as a foundation.


So what is on offer in terms of domain name visibility? Consider registering your name with the following.

.COM   .NET   .ORG   .CO   .US   .TECH   .CO.UK (and, of course, many others)

Where’s the best place to start? Your domain name partner and Utah Web-hosting expert.

By securing one or more you may just extend your visibility and corner the market for your existing and all new audiences.

You’ve spent a lot of time on making it the best it can be. You’ve taken on board the best advice and now you’re on your way, but don’t forget about your domain name.

Think about how your business could benefit from even the smallest of additions.

Don’t forget, having the right partnership to keep your domain names supported is crucial.

Got questions about buying domain names? We have the best advice and solutions for your business with ongoing support.

What are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to get your domain names working for you. Contact us today.

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