Tired of All the Digital Marketing Hype? 7 Easy Steps to See Big Results Online

May 6, 2021 | Tips

Wondering how to sift through the digital marketing hype? With all the gimmicks promising big results, it’s easy to wonder what’s true and how to win in this increasingly crowded space. The great news is there are real things you can do to see big results online. And it’s a lot easier than you might think.

1. Be Consistent in Posting Content

Nothing replaces good content posted consistently over time. Sure, there may be a site or two that flies to the top of the searches with a hack or trick, but those sites rapidly fall by the wayside if they don’t deliver. The analogy of the tortoise and the hare is applicable here. Keep posting real information according to plan. Don’t look at anyone zooming past you (other than to check their meta tags). Focus on delivering value and you’ll win the long game.

2. Demonstrate Integrity and Value in Your Copy

You can fool some of the people some of the time but if you want to see big results your copy needs to align to the truth. Feedback is brutally honest in online communities and if you mislead your audience, it will come back to haunt you. Avoid insane hyperbole. Instead, focus on copy that clearly communicates your value, make claims you can substantiate, and align messaging across all mediums. Give people exactly what they need to make an informed decision. Deliver clear, concise copy that focuses on customer value and how your product or service benefits them. Make your site the BS free zone with honest, straightforward copy and your audience will reward you with positive comments and social referrals.

3. Highlight Trust Signals and Testimonials

Authentic customer feedback is more trustworthy than your ad copy. The great news is that all those comments from your super-stoked customers can add tremendous value to your messaging. Include customer testimonials in every communication. Their words have more influence than even the best marketing copy, so highlight words of praise, true testimonials, and rave reviews from your brand evangelists. Their hardcore fan-words should be included on the home page, product pages, blogs, email, and more!

4. Enhance Any Call to Action with a Sense of Urgency

Now that folks know why they should trust and love you it’s time to get them to act. That’s where the sense of urgency comes in. The sad truth of the online world is that if a customer leaves, they may forget to come back, even if they thought you were the perfect solution to their need. Offering incentives is a great way to create a sense of urgency. Things like time-sensitive special offers and limited-edition offerings are a great strategy. Countdowns on deals, deeper discounts for buying now, and even offers of free shipping can tip the scales in your favor so don’t be afraid to offer them!

5. Demonstrate Belief with a Money-Back Guarantee

Consumers fear risk. Major online sellers know that a money-back guarantee removes the risk of loss and they use that to their advantage. If you know your product is amazing, back up your belief with a money back guarantee. Eliminating the financial risk dispels the fear of “buyer’s remorse” and can help you overcome this objection from the beginning.

6. Ditch the Landing Page

Landing pages have become one of the most overused formats in the online space. Sure, they work. They also feel gimmick, which is why they have ridiculously high bounce rates. Instead of the “traditional” landing page, work to optimize all of the pages of your site to communicate your value proposition clearly and with integrity. Use high quality images and testimonials to really jazz them up. Create value in the product then move to the close with an offer that builds a sense of urgency to act now. This eliminates the need for the robotic and formulaic landing page by transforming your entire site.

7. Leverage a Remarketing System

Whether visitors come to you through PPC campaigns, Facebook ads, or other digital marketing initiatives, remarketing is arguably the most effective way to see big results online. Why? If someone saw enough value in your offer to visit, the likelihood of their converting is significantly increased.

Stay consistent, be in integrity, leverage testimonials, use a sense of urgency, offer a money-back guarantee, turn every page into a landing page, and leverage remarketing to win and see big results online.

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