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Using your Partner discount

Use your partner discount to purchase hosting for you or your clients.

Step 1

While you are logged in to your account, pick a plan from our ((homepage)) or from our ((pricing page)). You may even decide to purchase our Siberian plan pro-rata so your hosting invoices are all billed the same day as each other.

Step 2

Go through the regular order process including the selection of your domain or registration of a new one, if applicable.

Step 3

At checkout, enter your coupon code for your partner tier level. If you are not a partner, you will not be able to use these coupons. They may also change to other codes at a later time. Be sure to reference your Partner confirmation email for the latest correct coupon code.

Tier 1: PTNR15
Tier 2: PTNR20
Tier 3: PTNR50

Step 4

Apply your coupon and your discount should be visible.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about our partner program, please feel free to send us a chat!
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