How do I close or delete my HostHuski account completely?

If you have finished your project with HostHuski and would like to close your account and delete your information from our records, you can have peace of mind. We already do this for you when your account ceases to have any active services or products for longer than 90 days. This operation is permanent and irreversible.

Your information is safe and private.

  • We do not sell your information to anyone, ever.
  • We do not use your information for business purposes unless you have active services with us.
  • We do not use your information for other purposes outside of HostHuski.
  • Your subscription to our emails is separately maintained from your HostHuski account and you can unsubscribe any time by using the link at the bottom of each marketing email.

Can’t Wait? Submit a ticket.

This is permanent and irreversible so please be sure that’s what you want!

We can close your account for you any time which will fully remove your records from our system, and will also delete your payment methods and all services and products.

Submit a ticket to us and we can help close and delete your account.

Remember: If you decide to do another project with HostHuski in the future, you will have to sign up again.