Guest Blogger Scams – The Ghosts in Your Machine

Jun 27, 2023 | Tips

Just when you thought you knew all the signs of a scam, it seems the scam artists have been hard at work again.

If you have a blog or a content-heavy website, it pays to be aware of what these people are up to now.

Now scammers are targeting your blog for their own personal and monetary gain through SEO backlinks. 

‘Backlinks’ used to be such a nice word in the world of SEO, but of course, someone has to ruin a good time by using them against you.

So, What’s Going on Exactly?

Guest blogging has boomed in recent times, so it really is no surprise that those unscrupulous fake-artists out there have found a way to put a dark cloud on what for most markets and freelance writers is a great way to build trust and expand their audience.

The problem here?

Not all marketers and writers are created equal. There are some with the intention of infiltrating your site under the guise of a guest blogger and quickly encompass linkbacks set to scam your readers and you.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

So, how do they do it? Like most innocent connections, it generally starts with an email from a blogger wanting to guest post on your site. If accepted, they’ll embed backlinks to their own SEO clients at your site’s expense.. The backlinks will be to a product or service which is completely unrelated to your site and your valued messages. There’s a risk that these links can also be to a site that does not hold the same values as you nor represents you as a business.

What is a good tell-tale sign?

If the potential partner claims to ensure higher search rankings or any other promises on what is essentially well out of their control, it is best to state a firm thanks but no thanks.

From this, you can see how a seemingly innocent contact from a marketer or a person claiming to be a professional writer can turn into something dastardly.

What Can I Do?

So, is ALL guest blogging now a faded memory? Some would say it’s too spammy and no longer worth the worry. Some say we need to keep up the fight for good content in order to take back our businesses and the very legitimate ways in which we create credibility and grow our reach in the global marketing world. Here’s how to stay ahead…

  • Rethink your Procedures

Review your content submission guidelines and make sure they are designed to protect you and your readers. Many writers won’t like a tightening of the rules at first, but they’ll begin to see the whole picture and understand that the intention here is not to frustrate or discourage them but to protect yourself. Give and take is essential in any relationship including those with writers.

  • Think Like a Scammer

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and…well, you get the message. It always pays to be aware and self-educated on what to look for in any type of scamming arena. That way you can quickly spot and discern the legitimate offers from the “quacks.”

  • Due Diligence

Research the life out of anyone who makes contact with an offer to guest blog. Social media, as much as we hate the stuff, can help make an informed decision. Check out their website, other work they have done and sites in which they have contributed.Heck. Create a dossier if you like. If that sounds unnecessary, you haven’t watched enough spy movies.

Whatever the motives, the key message here is to be alert and mindful that all is sometimes not what it appears.

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