How to point your domain to HostHuski

How do I connect my domain to HostHuski?

You can buy your domain from us to use anywhere, but sometimes you may have bought a domain from somewhere else that you want to connect with HostHuski. No worries! Here’s how…

1.) The Safest Way: DNS A Record

The safest way to update your domain’s pointing records (DNS) to point to HostHuski is through the DNS A record. This record was sent to you in your cPanel Account Information welcome email. You’ll need to change the A record in your DNS settings for your domain to this record. Every domain provider has a different way to display DNS settings. But usually the settings are accessible in the same or similar area you change your Name Servers from. See the next section for more information.

2.) The Efficient Way: Name Servers

If you have not connected any other services to your domain, you can update the Name Servers instead of just the A record. The Name Servers you need to use were sent to you in your cPanel Account Information welcome email.

The Bottom Line

Either way, you’ll need to access the DNS settings for your domain at the place you bought the domain from. The articles below should help get you started. If you need help finding these settings, you’ll need to ask your domain provider’s support.