Purchasing Email

I want email for my business.

What are my options for email?

We worked hard to create a business email solution for your company email that would work better and be more reliable and secure than hosting email through cPanel.

We do not provide technical support for email that is set up in cPanel. But we do provide support for HuskiMail.

What’s HuskiMail?

HuskiMail is our off-server professional email service that is comparable to the experience you would get from Google Workplace, for 1/4th of the cost. It’s packed with features and only costs $3/mo per inbox.

How do I buy HuskiMail? How is it billed?

When you buy HuskiMail, you buy a flexible monthly-billed (annual is available) plan called “HuskiMail Flex”. You buy inboxes and storage separately. Each inbox or GB of storage costs $1.50 per month, but the unit cost for storage decreases as you buy more! You start with 1 GB and 1 email address for $3/mo. After this, you can upgrade your HuskiMail product to add more.

The storage is shared among all accounts. Only pay for what you need.

Since HuskiMail comes with UNLIMITED forwarders, you don’t have to buy an inbox for each email address you want. If you buy one email for you, and then use forwarders for things that will be sent to you through other email addresses at your domain (aliases), you can just pay for one email but have more ways to reach you. Here’s an example:

You buy one email address (you@yourdomain.com) and you make forwarders for


that all forward received email to your you@yourdomain.com account. Thus you have 3 email addresses, but only ONE inbox!

Can I buy a full year of HuskiMail in advance?

Yes! We don’t encourage this because you can’t get credited back any part of your payment to your HostHuski account after 30 days, in this case. But if you want to pay upfront, we won’t stop you!