Blank or White Screen

Did you make any plugin or theme updates recently?

Sometimes your site may experience an issue due to a theme or plugin update. If you updated any plugins or your theme just barely before the error occurred, this is a very big sign the issue is caused by the updates.

If Yes…

You’ll need to remember what you updated. Then, following instructions here: (article coming soon) you can disable any plugins you updated.

After the plugin is disabled and the site is back to normal, you will have a couple options.

  1. Try to re-enable the plugin. If you re-enable the plugin, and the issue comes back, it may be that plugin should not be updated yet.
  2. Contact the developer of the plugin. You’ll need their help to be able to use the plugin again. We cannot modify other people’s code.

If No…

It is possible something else is going on… this could include a virus, a malfunction of a plugin without having updated it, or another miscellaneous issue. If you have made backups of your site, restore the latest backup you have.

If you don’t have backups, it is likely necessary for us to assist you.
Advanced: Check the contents of the error_log file in your file manager. public_html/error_log Remember! Most recent errors are logged at the BOTTOM of the file. It will tell you of any code-related or server-related errors your site may be experiencing.