3 Reasons to Consider Using Landing Pages with Your Marketing

Oct 4, 2023 | Tips

Landing pages get some fairly peculiar definitions and rules associated with what they need to be.

Should we listen or are they just rigid meanings not meant for interpretation or creativity?

A landing page, whether reflective of your business’s personality, your finely curated design skills or your wicked sense of humor, all have something that should be at the foundation.

The first impression.

From there. When some thought is given to what a landing page can be, that foundation can be built upon to make yours whatever you want. In addition, you will find that your landing page can and will work within your marketing strategy and subsequent campaigns.

Their role can be so much more than merely taking names on a contact page.


Let’s look at some ways that any landing page can nestle snugly into the bosom of your marketing strategy.

1. Credible You

Do your marketing plans include building a greater knowledge of your brand?

Landing pages are a fantastic way to generate brand awareness, tell your story or expose your community involvement.

They can offer insight into how your business came to be, what it means to you and what your current projects are and also relay in a very simple way how passionate you are about your products and your customers.

Even if a visitor to your site has never seen you before, they can’t be helped but be left with an impression.

But what if you went a step further and let others tell their stories?

Testimonials form a slice part of your business’s credibility pie.

Some people refer to it as ‘social proof.’ A collective set of key measurements through real customers with real experiences.

We all know how social media can swiftly bring a business down off its pedestal to meet the finger-wagging public, but if we can show potential customers that people are happy with your business, you may alleviate some initial hesitation.

Get ahead of it.

These stories don’t need to be long. A snippet is usually enough.

The pen really can be mightier than the sword.

3. Look at Me…Now!

Landing pages are a great way to spotlight your messaging. By their nature, these pages are more concise than others and should be more succinct.

Web traffic visitors are known for taking their time snooping around other pages. Most businesses are happy for people to briefly skim through a blog or partially watch an instructional video, but they won’t gain all their attention all of the time.

A landing page is not so casual in its offerings or at least it shouldn’t be.

They should command attention, be direct, are unreservedly communicative and purposefully make lots of eye contact.

A perfect vehicle for interactive marketing campaigns that wish to show a direct benefit for existing and potential customers.

They can also be a magnifying glass, so make sure you’re keeping things specific and current especially if you are targeting something like webinar attendees or promoting a new product.

Hook Line and Sinker

Every consumer is different. Their motivations vary, time constraints dictate, and whether they are searching to ultimately purchase or just happy to skip around and check things out all contribute to what makes up a consumer in this online world.

Don’t forget, all these things can change daily.

Now there’s the challenge.

Knowing that not everyone who lands on your website is looking to flow easily through the sales funnel can be invaluable to keep in mind. They may just want some quick information while on a lunch break.

A landing page can offer all consumers something.

A discount coupon, a chance to sign up for a regular catalog or newsletter and entry into your current prize promotion by simply entering contact details.

Then, of course, a direct link to your products and services.

You can get them all with the right kinds of enticement.

Through paid advertising, or through organic search, the ability to have your landing page work for you is now a reality. Asset collection is one thing, keeping potential customers interested and excited about your business and products is a whole new world.

Whatever your goal, your business’s landing page can be the key to greater brand awareness and further lead generation.

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