4 New Years Resolutions Your 2023 Website Wants You To Make

Dec 20, 2022 | Tips, Web Design

Have you been thinking about your 2023 online presence lately? Your attentiveness can make all the difference to your visitors and ultimately your conversion rate.

The end of the year is the perfect time to begin to give your site the refresh it may need.

Your website has a lot to say….but only if you listen closely.

Let’s look at a few New Year’s resolutions your website wants you to make.

What’s yours telling you?

1. I Want to be More Relevant

Every business owner wants their content to smash it out of the park. Your content can have people talking about your business, telling their friends, and generating interest from areas you never thought possible.


Like it or not customers want to see the things that have become trendy or popular. Entertaining interviews, funny videos with the CEO showing questionable dance skills or simply just talking about what’s important to your business. These all let people into your world.

Creating familiarity brings customers. Entertainment keeps them close.

When your website is telling it’s bored and irrelevant. You better listen.

2. I Want to Be Less Confusing

Are you killing your website? If it’s letting you know things are a bit hectic, with popups and excessive noise, it’s time to tone it down a notch.

Consider whether your website is looking its best from a visual and practical point of view.

Keeping it simple means taking your visitors and return customers on a visual tour….seamlessly.  From the homepage to the Buy Now button, every stop along the way should have the same aim – to take buyers down the funnel without frustration, brick walls or confusion.


Keep a close eye on what’s working and what’s not. Links that lead to nowhere, annoying pop-ups and images taking two hours to load does not a happy visitor make.

They all lead to the ultimate deal breaker.

3. I Want to Be Better Maintained

Remember when your website was in its infancy? The excitement of your new baby. Wanting to be the best parent possible. Making plans and putting funds aside for the future. From there, she kept you up three, or four times in the night, made you worry about things you needn’t have and took all your attention.

Websites are not set and forget. They need your attention to keep them healthy, vibrant, sustainable and ready for anything the world of customer satisfaction throws its way.

If your business has grown into a successful enterprise, your website and the partners you choose to keep it strong have never been more important.

When it’s crying out for some attention, review the basics.

  • Security is top of the list for every consumer. Make your policies clear, and let people know how you’re keeping their information and purchases safe. 
  • Get personal. Email marketing is one thing but, making a real connection with potential customers and the ways in which you retain existing ones is such a worthwhile pursuit. Actually, it is an essential one. 
  • Keep things working to their optimum. Your web host can assist with all things technical. Make use of their experience to ensure smoother sailing for visitors.

4. I Want to Be Future-Proof

There’s nothing quite like getting excited about your future success. Your website 

There’s nothing better than enthusiasm to make things seem brighter. You know the old saying that if you can visualize it, then you can make it happen? It’s also true for your website.

 Continuous improvement not only helps your business grow but has a way of keeping you in check as the business owner.

Make your website work for you. Its role is not solely as an add-on. A website’s worth can be the very reason your business continues to grow. It’s important to recognize the ways in which it can be more than just a basic aid.

Find the commitment, and you will discover all the ways in which it pays off.

So, there you have it. There are many reasons why your new year’s resolution needs to be web focused. Start with these and move from there.

It’s time to give your site the best presence ever.

The moral of the story? Listen to what your website is telling you. It will thank you in future success.

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