Customers Not Clicking? Improve These 5 Website Elements

Jul 10, 2024 | Uncategorized


If you build it, they will come. Sound Familiar? Baseball fields (and their respective movies) have a few things in common with your website.

Both are a field of play, bringing in loyal fans and those new to your game.

Done right websites entice, persuade, and hopefully send real buyers all the way through the end with a smile on their face.

What else?

They also both need maintenance. Knowing when to upgrade to draw bigger crowds, more participation, and the reputation as being a number one go-to venue is just as important as building it in the first place.

Inviting and engaging websites consist of a lot of things, but there’s no denying their importance to modern day eCommerce.

Done right they entice, persuade, tempt and hopefully send real buyers all the way through to the end.

Need to see more engagement?

Let’s look at a few ways to make bigger things happen.

Interact To Gain More Clicks

Engagement means different things to different visitors. For some to be engaged is having welcoming landing pages and up to date products information and descriptive images that show you take your business seriously. For others it’s the interactivity that many successful websites employ to draw and keep potential markets in for just that bit longer.

How do you tell what’s best?

Have a selection that focuses on your main traffic and their known preferences but also contemplate new things to extend your reach and attract new audiences.

Keeping content fresh and current will go a long way to becoming seen as an authority …and don’t forget to have plenty of respectable backlinks.

Consider content partnerships and guest bloggers.

Include other styles of content you may not have ever considered. Webinars inform, and ePapers educate.

The aim is the provision of valuable content.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay. While trends may come and go and platforms fall in and out of favor, the value of this type of interaction is undeniable.

It’s all about building advocates for your business. How you do that can be as simple as keeping your media posts a regular item on the calendar. Collaborating with influential social media personalities or trending people in your industry can lift your rankings and get people clicking on your site.

Allow comments good or bad. Its shows that you are having an impact and forming connections.

Start A Podcast and Link on Your Website

Fancy yourself as a great communicator? Why not put your voice to use. There’s nothing more popular right now than podcasts. Discussing products, benefits and the latest in trending topics draws people in. It shows a commitment to your industry and in other’s opinions. Invite reaction and have a Q and A response on your website and any following recordings.

Become a TV Star

YouTube is still a popular form of expression. From cooking snippets to hour-long vlogs on how people spend their days, the observer in all of us keep this platform very healthy indeed.

Focus on your niche market and optimize them for searching. Publish them on your website. You may see a great increase in traffic.

Know Your Customers Weak Spots

Do you really know what your customers want?

If not, find out…then give them more.

For any business with an existing or growing online presence, the more you know about your target the more likely you are to give them the things that will bring them back again.

Make your customers feel like they matter, after all, they do.

Invitations, free offers, continuous discount codes all rely on you to make them come alive.

These created rewards can lead down all kinds of paths, including right to the front door of new customers.

What do people love more than a bargain?

Telling everyone else about it.


Want more from your website? Start interacting today. Let us show you how.

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