How to Create a Great Conversion Form on Your Website

Mar 21, 2024 | Uncategorized

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Our website forms can say a great deal about who we are. They paint a picture about what we can offer, our interest in our customer satisfaction and can even take our visitors along with us to see what we may have in store for upcoming events.

Our forms, when done right, can recognize and use current trends, research what’s important to our customers and also, fore-mostly, do more to move initial interest into sustainable and ongoing leads.

Seems like a lot, doesn’t it.

It is a lot, but the way in which we use this method of connection has never been more important.

So how do we go about creating great conversion forms that work for us and our potential customers?

We need to show our forms some love.

After all, this is the online equivalent of making eye contact.

Make Them Count

Most headlines work. Great ones result in exactly what you need.


Think of it like you’re inviting someone to a party.

Standing out from the crowd is a way to make your website forms catch your traffic’s eye instantly.

If you are unsure of what kinds of enticement you want, a simple Call to Action is the best way forward.

A “Sign Up Today” offering 10% discount for new customers will have customers calculating in their heads almost immediately.

“Join Our Webcast” can offer a way to determine what is of interest to new customers, as is “Free delivery over $50.”

You can then clearly determine what’s important to who.

While trying not to have annoying flashing type invitations is still the way to go, they needn’t be boring.

You’re Invited!

The KISS Method

Keep it simple…but smart.

Long forms can seem a bit intrusive. The collection of lead data is a touchy point for many consumers as it appears everyone is vying for their hard-earned dollar through personal information.

And it’s true.

Any business will no doubt and unashamedly tell you that they want the customers before anyone else gets their hands on them.

But forms can be a repellent when they are too long, too invasive and require the same information repeatedly for different offers. User-friendly goes without saying.

Shorter forms win, but how much information you ask for can be a fine line. Decide on whether the information you are asking is a “must have” or a “would like to have.”

We may be tempted to include everything and the kitchen sink in our forms but potential customers sensitive to this won’t give you the time of day.


Privacy Matters

Let your visitors know you acknowledge and are aware of their privacy needs.

This shows a commitment to what is a very real problem in today’s online world.

There are rules and regulations in many countries that require your privacy policy to be fully accessible. It’s a good idea to check out your requirements.

Another reason any business should be happy to walk the walk with this kind of inclusion is that there is nothing that kills your lead generation faster than visitor hesitation.

A Moment in Time

Why do we need to spend so much time on our website’s forms?

It is a fair question. The answer?

To capture the good stuff. As a business owner data is King. The who, why, where and how is essential for all businesses to ascertain ways in which we can be come more relevant to our existing and new customers.

Remember we are capturing a moment in every visitor’s day. Everyone is time poor.

These moments to capture attention are fleeting.

Great website forms can help you get the best data possible. A special offer form, or an invitation to subscribe to a newsletter is the best way to building a successful lead list.

We know by now that any business website can attract or even deter both existing and potential customers at any point during the sales funnel but it’s our initial contact that can keep eyes on our business for longer.

Need help with creating the best forms to generate leads. Start with the best advice in town. Contact us today.

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