What You Can Learn from a Website Audit

Jan 4, 2024 | Uncategorized

website audit

It’s a polarizing word.


For business owners, the words website audit should culminate in areas of improvement.

A website audit itself can evoke a lot of different feelings. It can make your heart skip a beat, make you call your accountant, likely living under the name Super Power on your phone contact list.

It can even make you cry harder than hearing the new Adele song. 

In fact, these small words can be the most beneficial for anyone’s online business.

So, wipe away those tears and take your seat.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Website Audit 101.

We could surprise you with a pop quiz at the end, but we think you’ll learn enough for it to stick.

What’s a Website Audit and Why Should We Care

In simplified terms, a website audit is the examination of your pages individually and your performance as a whole. Why do we need to prioritize this from time to time?

A clearer picture offering insight and eventually a guide as to what can help you and your customers is the end goal.

Website audits can also help consolidate and clarify goals for the year ahead.

What Do We Learn from a Website Audit?

There are many changes both great and small that make an audit worthwhile. If it seems overwhelming, start small.

  •   Are Product Descriptions Outdated?

If you’ve received further information about a product line or if you have noticed a trend or social media interest in products line or service you offer, it’s time to tell the world.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

  •   Check Content is Evergreen and SEO Friendly

Sometimes content gets a bit stale or becomes out of date.

This is no-one’s fault, its just the way it is. Like the previous point, trends come and go as do human interest stories and celebrity spotlights.

Keep thing current and relevant creates repeat readers who are more likely to share your content with others. What’s better than that?

Multiple platforms, for instance, will organically multiply your reach.

  •   Need to Optimize for Lead Conversion?

An audit assists greatly as a tool for re-evaluation. Having the right number of Calls to Action, recognizing any opportunities (did someone say Landing Pages? to convert visitors to sales are both flashing neon signs waiting for your a-ha moment.

Try to solve problems quickly.

  •   Our UX Needs Work

Your bottom line can benefit and your customers, both new and potential, will have an easier time finding what they want.

Sailing freely through the sales funnel is always much more enjoyable that rafting through sludge.

Working Smarter

Never be afraid to try and not get it quite right. This is a learning curve just like any other.

Have a report that tells you what is working well and what could use a little attention. If you’re not sure ask your web host for some advice.

Think of your website audit like a garden. Occasionally you have to tend to those weeds.

So, we have learned a few things. As a result we’ve educated ourselves and understand the reasoning behind a website audit. Now it’s time to place them securely out into the real world.

Analyze the results and keep checking to ensure your site is the best it can be.

Congratulations, you have passed Website Audit 101.

Need help to ensure your website is working for you and your customers? Contact us today for the best ways to make yours a well-oiled machine.

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