Transfer one of your hosting plans to your client or a separate account.

It’s easy to transfer a hosting plan to one of your clients.

  • Stays up and live with no downtime since the website is already on our server
  • Site stays on the server and does not need moving since we are simply re-assigning the billable contact for the plan
  • Can easily be done within one business day by our team.

Before you transfer an account, see this checklist:

  • Your account has no overdue invoices
  • The plan you want transferred is active in your account
  • The plan will be transferred before its renewal charges hit your account
  • The plan has not been marked for cancellation or suspended
It is extremely unlikely a transfer will succeed if these above conditions are not met.

Step 1: Send your client the transfer link, below

The link is:  or, you can tell them to go to

Instruct your client (or click it, yourself) to use the following link to sign up for HostHuski.

Account transfers are not automated; they are done by real people on our team.
  • The client will pay a $1 fee to verify their payment method is active for billing purposes. (This can be credited back to their HostHuski account balance if they ask us)
  • They will enter their own information as the new customer
  • You should only use the transfer link and fill customer information if you are the new account holder.
  • They will enter the primary domain of the plan they want to transfer

Step 2: Submit a Ticket

Submit a support ticket and let us know which hosting plan is being transferred.

  • Submit your ticket to the Billing department (for best results)
  • Include the primary domain on the account
  • Include the email or full name of the customer requesting transfer

Step 3: Wait for Transfer to Complete

Wait for us to verify the transfer is complete.

  • We’ll respond to your ticket with an update on the status of the transfer.
  • Transfers are non-reversible and you authorize a transfer at your own risk.
  • Your discount is not transferrable. The receiving account will pay the retail price for the hosting plan or other products and services they receive from the transfer.
  • We’ll send them all necessary login and access information for the products you transfer.

A transfer will fail and you may be charged on the renewal date if…

  • You do not authorize the transfer, but the customer signed up
  • You do authorize the transfer but the customer did not sign up in time
  • Invoices exist that are overdue and contain one or more of the transferred products and services