How do I upgrade or manage my hosting account?

To manage your hosting account including

  • Upgrading*
  • Downgrading*
  • Cancelling*
  • Password Change**
  • View Disk usage and bandwidth***

Log in to your account and then click on Products / Services button

Once you click there all your products will show in a list.

Select one by clicking it and the “Details” will show.

Once you arrive on this page, you will have numerous options.

  • *To upgrade, downgrade, or cancel service, click “”Management Actions”” button.
  • To use any number of powerful cPanel (server-based controls) shortcuts, scroll to view the “”Quick Shortcuts”” section.
  • You will find other reporting and action tools like
    • ***Usage Statistics
    • Quick Create Email Account
    • Billing Overview
    • **Change Password
    • Web site visitor data (Awstats)

The management actions are in a sidebar to the right.