Managing Email Accounts for the Organization

Email Service Logins

NOTE: The following login details are for email administration only, and not to access your email account inbox. Your inbox login will be created by you when you add your email address to your account.

Email Administration (aka: DirectAdmin) URL :


How do I CREATE an email inbox?

Once logged in to DirectAdmin, select “Email Settings” and then “Email Accounts”. You’ll notice one account is already created and it uses your administrative username.

This is your system account and is checked by using your Mail Admin login details.

To create a NEW account, select, “Create Account”. Then, configure the new account how you would like. Repeat as desired for all of the people in your organization.


HuskiMail is flexible. If you need to add or delete an available email account slot, you can upgrade and downgrade your service to fit your needs any time with no penalties.