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Using HuskiMail in Your Favorite Email Application

Want to check your email on another device/app?

When asked for your settings for your mailbox use the following settings where applicable…

If any of these settings are entered incorrectly you may not be able to send or receive mail through your preferred device or app. This does not, however, always indicate that the service is having technical trouble if your DNS or NS records are set up correctly.
UsernameThe username of the email account you want to check (this is different than your mailadmin username!) This is followed by “@” and your domain ( {yourdomain.com} )

Example for the username “Henry” :

henry@myhuskimailbox.com (just an example, though!)

Password (use the same one no matter where you are asked)Password you set for that email account (not your mailadmin password!)
Inbound Mail Server (SMTP)mail.{yourdomain.com}
Outbound Mail Servermail.{yourdomain.com}
Enable SSL/TLS?Yes/Enable


If you have trouble after your first try, we’ve found customers are able to succeed if they remove the mail account from their device, and then try adding it again.

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